One thought on “Episode 42: $60,000 Worth of Dildos”

  1. Cora here, I wanted to say for once I agree and appreciate Christopher’s comments about people making money from falsely accusing celeb’s of sexual misconduct.
    I had made a sarcastic joke a few weeks ago that soon the majority of stars and Hollywood will be facing sexual charges.
    Some actor will lose a job to another and then accuse the successor of sexual abuse just to have that person removed from the job thy got. Jealousy and hate will fan the flames of this new celeb fad or accusing each other. It’s hilarious until it’s proven right, NOT hilarious if it did happen, hilarious because each year it’s a new fad with Hollywood.
    Boycotting movies, celeb mags and news… anything that has to do with Hollywood and their stars, I try not read it or get involved.
    Another great podcast.
    P.s lived both Evie’s and Brittany’s live streams last week.
    Brittany’s my YouTube favorite.

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